In Pursuit of Creativity: 5 Practices to Make Your Team More Creative & Productive

5 Practices to Make Your Team More Creative

Your team is the key to your business success as no matter how talented you are, a single person would burn out trying to handle all the entrepreneurial duties on their own. However, to become truly the best, you must have an extraordinary team that works together like a well-oiled machine.

Your employees have to be creative, productive, and willing to learn and improve their skills. Luckily, you can make them all those things and mold them into a cohesive unit with a bit of training. Start by introducing the following practices at the workplace so that you can unlock the potential of your team and achieve success.

5 Practices to Boost Creativity and Productivity in a Team

1/Create a daily accountability group

Any business must have a solid online presence for the purpose of effective marketing, but you also shouldn’t miss out on using social media for communicating with your team. What you need is to have a group where your employees would be able to discuss news and just enjoy talking and sharing bits of fun content.

To make this group beneficial for team building and productivity development, make mandatory discussions a part of your daily social media routine. In essence, create an accountability group where every employee would need to provide a short report of what they achieved during the day.

Be sure to ask not only work-related questions but also what the people have learned or what ideas they have. Set some specific goals for the week and the accountability discussions will keep people on track to achieving them. They will also help you see what duties your team members struggle with so that you can plan their work more efficiently in the future.

2/Integrate team-oriented solutions into your business

Give your team the tools to make their collaboration more efficient. This means not only providing them with hardware (laptops, tablets, etc.) but also integrating team-oriented solutions. Using this kind of software will boost overall productivity because people will be able to communicate effectively. In addition, this will allow you to include freelancers, which can help cut down the costs.

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Solutions you should try out

– Project managers: Flow, Basecamp, Asana, Trello

– Whiteboards: Scribblar, Padlet, Awwapp

Don’t forget Snapchat where you can have your team enjoy themselves by sharing funny moments of their working hours. You can even organize simple challenges, as this would be good for team building.

Be sure to install Slack a solution for efficient and fun tam communication. Check out just how much fun Slack is when used creatively.

3/Bring your team together through fun games and activities

The best way to make people work together well is to ensure they enjoy each other’s company. To do this, you need to make them friends instead of colleagues, and team-bonding activities would do this. We subconsciously associate having fun with hanging out with friends, so make your team ‘hang out’.

You can do this on your own by organizing group outings to a gym, park, bar, or some interesting event. Having a game night would be a great idea as everyone enjoys classic board games, like Monopoly, Uno, and Scrabble. Playing them is often associated with family nights, so this helps bring your team together on a deeper, emotional level.

If you need to bring a group of different people together fast, consider using a professional service, like Maximillion, Fresh Tracks, and TeamBonding. These professionals will set up specialized team bonding events and provide specialized training that will help people understand how to work together to achieve the best results.

4/Encourage different work practices

Every person is unique and has their own approach to work. While implementing productive practices is good, you also need to respect people’s habits and give them a chance to work at their own rhythm.

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Observe your employees and encourage them to work the way they feel most comfortable. This will get them to relax and enjoy their duties, making them more productive. 

You should always strive for diversity when creating a team and do your best to ensure each member can work at their own pace and in a comfortable setting. Perhaps some of them would feel better working from home on occasion or coming in late in the day and working during the night. Make your schedule fluid and mix teams frequently so that your employees can learn from one another.

You must also bear in mind that every team member has a specific role to play in the working process. Consider this when choosing people as you will need a specific combination of talents, skills, and personalities to achieve results. Usual roles include:

– Expert
– Energizer
– Planner
– Explorer
– Producer
– Coach
– Optimizer

5/Train for and reward creativity

Creativity can be trained, so you must use various creative training methods to develop this talent in your employees. The easiest way to do this is to have regular brainstorming sessions. You can also get your team to practice some creative activities, like painting, playing an instrument, or even have a night of building crazy structures from LEGO.

creativity training techniques.

Depending on the type of your business, choose activities and create challenges that would prompt people to think about ways to help your company/product/service. Check out this list of creativity training techniques. It’ll teach you how to use tools like brainstorming, mind maps, and the scamper method right.

Be sure to reward creative thinking to fortify positive encouragement. Show a person who comes up with an ‘out-of-the-box’ idea that their input is highly valued. 

A great way to do this is to give the employee power to bring their idea to life. Empowerment will work better than a mere benefit as every person wants to be in charge sometimes.

Benefits and small rewards will come in handy in some situations. You also must provide and request regular feedback as it shows your employees that you care and are interested in their opinions.

Encourage Your Team to Get Creative

Neither creativity nor productivity is an innate trait, so it’s possible for you to foster these qualities in your team. To achieve this, you must use a variety of team bonding activities that combine fun and work. Play together, brainstorm ideas, and encourage sharing information.

Focus on bringing your employees together personally and show appreciation for results to motivate them into being more productive. A team of friends who get along well would work more smoothly than a group of distant colleagues who only fulfill their duty at work.