Before the Great Start: The Ultimate Marketing Campaign Launch Checklist

The Ultimate Marketing Campaign Launch Checklist

If you want your business to stand out today, you need to launch a marketing campaign that will rock. This means hours upon hours of detailed planning as no general wins without a great plan of the campaign. You must have all the elements of your marketing show prepared well beforehand so that when you launch it, the campaign will run smoothly.

Want an example of a marketing campaign done right?

Check out the success of Penny the Pirate, a book with a complementary app launched by an eyecare brand in Australia (OPSM). Their promotion efforts on all digital marketing fronts paid off in over 126,000 of purchased books and 22.6% increase in eye tests.

Marketing Campaign Checklist

Answer these questions before launching your campaign to determine if you are truly ready for it.

What are your campaign goals?

You must have a definitive goal so that you can plan your campaign right. Don’t try to achieve several aims at once as this will make the whole plan sloppy. Be very specific when you decide what exactly your campaign must achieve both long and short-term.

Be realistic in your expectations and present numbers whenever necessary. For example, don’t just aim for ‘an increase in website traffic’, set the goal of ‘25% increase in organic traffic within 2 months’.

What is your targeted audience?

A good campaign must be tailored to the audience, so you need to know exactly whom you target and what these people want. If you are just starting, you need to identify your target customers from scratch. This will entail analyzing your product, market, and competition. Process all this data to determine the group that needs your product and find an angle not used by your competitors.

Nest, you need to understand your target audience. Do this by launching surveys of your own using tools like SurveyPlanet or SurveyMonkey. You can also look up interesting internet use reports and studies at PewResearchCenter or Scarborough.

Do you have a team?

Did you know that campaigns run by teams on IndieGoGo raise over 3 times as a campaign run by individuals?

No matter how good you are, you will be able to achieve better results with a team of specialized experts who can take over different aspects of your campaign and make them perfect. This will increase the quality of the plan as a whole. Depending on your project you might need a web designer, photographer, video maker, social media expert, etc.

social media presence

Do you have an established social media presence?

If not, you must get to it right NOW! Your business must have a page on very social network out there, and this account must be filled with posts. People won’t be interested in an empty page created a day ago, so you need to plan in advance and start attracting followers long before you launch the campaign.

In fact, every successful entrepreneur must have well-established social media habits, such as regular updates. Managing your multiple accounts will be easier if you use specialized tools, like Hootsuite or Buffer for updates and Mention for tracking your brand.

Do you know who are the influencers in your niche/area?

Opinion influencers give you a quick access to the target audience and help establish brand reputation and trust right from the start. Partnering with them is vital, so focus on finding and connecting with them first.

Be sure to reciprocate their support by reposting their messages through your own channels.

Do you have a community of online followers?

This community must consist of your followers on social media, blog readers, and regular website visitors. They are the most important people you should target with your campaign because they are the ones to spread it online.

Build up your online presence from the moment you establish your business and keep your efforts consistent so that your follower base grows and stays loyal.

What does your campaign offer to customers?

A contest that encourages people to share the news of your campaign online is a great way to boost your visibility fast. The reward is a must for these things, and the exact value of it isn’t really important. Loyalty programs are the same, and Boloco offers a great example of how the reward system should be done. Greycork also offers great but simple perks in their project.

Your campaign must offer something to make it more appealing to consumers, even if it’s a simple set of original stickers. Be creative when designing your reward and make sure it contributes to your overall branding strategy.

Do you have a campaign plan and schedule?

Luckily, you don’t have to write your campaign plans on a piece of paper. Using specialized software, like Adobe Campaign or Marketo will help you draft and manage the campaign with extreme efficiency. Marketing automation feature, in particular, will save you lots of time and effort.

Design your schedule with the public in mind. You may launch the product/service right before the holiday season when everyone goes on a shopping spree.

Do you have all your marketing visuals ready?

Check out this P&G marketing video to see what kind of impact you should aim at. A campaign must be filled with visuals of any kind (infographics, images, videos, memes) as they help drive your message more effectively. Focus on appealing to emotions if you want to make the strongest impact on your audience.

understand whether your marketing campaign works

Do you have your analytics tools on standby?

You need to understand whether your marketing campaign works, so you need tools to monitor and measure its progress. Use solutions like Mixpanel and Google Analytics to assess your success. Analyze this data to see where you need to make some changes to improve the campaign overall.

Are you ready to launch?

Are your answers to all the previous questions satisfactory? You are ready to launch!

case study

Greycork Marketing Case Study

A checklist sounds fine, but do you wonder how exactly all of this works in real life?

Let’s take a look at Greycork and how this young business launched its marketing campaign.

  1. Goals?
    Check! The goal of the initial Greycork campaign was to let the world know about them and collect funds via crowdfunding. That was a definite success, seeing how every media that matters had at least one release about them and the campaign itself beat the IndieGoGO record by collecting 458% funding.
  2. Audience?
    Check! Greycork produces top-quality furniture that is easy to assemble/disassemble/move. It’s stylish, made from the best materials and will keep for years. The success of the campaign and the business itself proves that the message reached the right kind of audience.
  3. Team?
    Check! The Greycork team consists of professionals in manufacturing as well as furniture and industrial design. These are the exact kind of experts necessary to run an outstanding furniture manufacturing company.
  4. Social media?
    Check! Greycork Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels are well-loved, have thousands of followers, and are updated regularly with great visuals and interesting news.
  5. Influencers and partners?
    Check! The business is partnered with a variety of renowned manufacturers and brands. You can see the news about them at Dezeen, Curbed, Refinery29 and a variety of other publications as well as design expert blogs.
  6. Community of followers?
    Check! Thousands of people follow Greycork’s various media channels or are subscribed to their very interesting Journal.
  7. Perks?
    Check! Greycork offered fantastic designer pillows and blankets to go with their Limited Edition Reward. Check out the full terms on their IndieGoGO campaign page.
  8. Schedule?
    Check! The company offered a detailed schedule of the campaign and their future project on IndieGoGO.
  9. Visuals?
    Check! Aside from beautifully-made detailed specs of products, Greycork also offers very inspiring videos on their YouTube channel.
  10. Ready to launch?
    Definitely, check! This campaign was thoroughly planned and its overwhelming success is an inspiration for any startup business.

Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign: 100% Planning + 100% Hard Work

For your marketing campaign to be successful, you must give it your all right from the planning stage. Take your time studying the audience and double-check every element of the campaign before launching it so that you are 100% sure everything is ready and perfect for your big entrance.

With this checklist in hand, you’d be able to see if you’ve prepared properly. If you did, you would need to invest just as much hard work into implementing the campaign and monitor its flow closely. Plan ahead and do your best, this way you’ll achieve success.

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