7 Social Media Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur

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Did you know that today, over 90% of young adults (ages 18-29) use social media as their primary communications channel? In fact, over 52% of all adults use AT LEAST two. The majority of these people check their accounts several times a day, spending over an hour total just scrolling through newsfeeds.

Now imagine what kind of recognition your business will get if you ensure it pops up in those newsfeeds.

Social media networks are a goldmine for entrepreneurs, and the best thing is that they need very little initial investment. What you do need is to build up the right kind of social media presence. Seek inspiration from masters of the art.

Secrets of Effective Social Media Accounts from Successful Entrepreneurs

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Kim Garst

All small business owners and entrepreneurs can learn a thing (or a dozen) from Kim Garst. This lady is the founder of Boom!Social, a company that specializes in personal branding and social media consulting.

Check out Kim Garst’s Facebook account and you’ll how she uses social networks to achieve the best possible results. Her channel is so interesting and versatile that you can’t keep from signing up for her updates. She posts fun memes and meaningful articles, helpful infographics and great pics with motivational quotes. She also interacts with her readers not only by answering messages but also by asking questions or inviting them to share their opinions.

What to learn: Offer several updates a day, each unique and appealing to a different kind of follower. Surprise your audience to keep them interested.

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Caitlin Turner (a.k.a. Gypset Goddess)

The story of the Gypset Goddess started in 2012 with her Instagram account that currently has over 320,000 subscribers. Caitlin Turner started out as a registered yoga teacher who was posting her pics from her travels, and today she is a lifestyle influencer, social media coach, and a designer based in LA.

She turned her social media business multi-platform early in her career and made the best use of the recognition she earned through her followers. Her accounts are a fountain of visual inspiration. The main focus of her updates is exquisite photos that encourage people to enjoy the beauty of life and follow their dreams. These fine images are mixed with helpful information relevant for travelers and yoga lovers.

What to learn: Enrich your content with fantastic visuals that will leave no heart untouched. Make sure that they appeal to your specific audience, and combine them with content that people find truly useful.

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Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is your go-to-guy for the best use of video in social media marketing. His Youtube account is one of the most successful with over 5.1 million followers and over 1.2 billion views.  

Neistat offers daily updates of PERFECT vlogs. His videos are short, fun, exciting, and offer some valuable piece of info. They are also oozing with personality, which is essential for any successful media presence.

What to learn: How to make great entries for your video blog and promote them through different social media channels. Use Casey as an inspiration for developing your personal style and keeping it consistent despite the general versatility of the topics covered in vlogs.

Social Media Habits That Will Make Your Campaigns Rock

Embrace visuals

Visuals = Greater Engagement

This formula is true for every social media network, so include an image, gif, or a video in every post. To generate the best results, your visuals must be:

  • Original
  • Attractive
  • Relevant to the topic of the post
  • Relevant to the audience

You can post pics taken by yourself, pro shots from a hired photographer, or images downloaded from free photo stocks (Pexels, Unsplash, Picjumbo, etc.)

Adapt posts to the platform

Make your posts look good on every platform by adding a few custom touches. For example, an attention grabbing headline + captivating short description for Facebook, ample use of hashtags and internet jargon for Twitter.

Study your followers on different channels and develop custom descriptions that will attract these particular people.

Update often and at the right times

All your social media accounts must stay active all the times. A single daily update just won’t cut it!

What you need is several unique posts a day + re-posts of important pieces of content, all shared at the right times.

Remember that the ‘all size fits all’ principle doesn’t apply to social media updates. You need to develop your schedule based on the audience. Are you targeting teenagers? School hours aren’t the best time of the day to post, then. Are you targeting housewives? Post when the kids are at school.

Communication with clients

Follow your brand’s mentions and answer comments

Tools like Hootsuite and Mention allow you to keep track of your brand’s mentions throughout the Web. Use them to make sure you can react fast.

This will show your customers that you are ‘real’ and care about their opinion of your business.

Encourage your followers to share

This doesn’t mean adding ‘Please share’ at the end of every post. Instead, make your content so cool; people’s hands will itch to share it with their friends. This can be achieved by making your posts:

  • Very helpful
  • Extremely fun
  • Full of wisdom (quotes), beauty (visuals), and/or kindness (social stories)

Start silly campaigns

Starbucks made millions from their White Cup Art Contest that spread through Twitter like wildfire.

Adapt the idea to your business and ask your customers to share pictures of themselves or their crafts on social media with your hashtag attached. People love these campaigns because they are fun, and you get an extra-large dose of exposure through them.

Seek out new followers and brand advocates in every way possible

Social media networks are bursting with activity, so you need to adapt and use every tool on offer to spread your influence.

Draft in your own employees to advocate your brand and use paid ads offered by the networks. Launch regular campaigns and promotions to attract new followers. Post lots of quality content to motivate your audience to share as well as keep them interested.

Raise Your Brand Awareness Through Social Media

When you are an entrepreneur, you need to make the world aware of your existence, and social media are the best tool for that. In fact, examples of people like Casey Neistat and Caitlin Turner teach us that you can turn a social media account into a business opportunity.

To build up your business presence through these channels, you must fill them with great content that will attract followers. Remember that every network is unique, so you need to develop a special approach for every audience.

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