Are You Kidding Me: Why Humor Should Be A Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Humor in content marketing stategy

Let’s have some fun with the people who know how to do it right. They can easily make you smile and fall in love with what they talk, write, draw and sell. They are not famous stand-up comedians, or maybe just a little bit, but humor is their magic sword, a superpower to drive your attention. In this article, we’ll get to know 4 creative personalities, their killer strategies, and tools.

Marketing stategy tips

Tim Urban and his blog “Wait but Why?’’

If you didn’t watch Tim Urban’s Ted Talk “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator” about the irritating habit to put aside all the tasks, it’s a high time to watch and boost your mood. I bet, you’ll find many familiar struggles, as procrastination is simply in our blood. But this performance is not the only thing Tim Urban is famous for. He is a witty writer who for more than 3 years (in July WBW celebrated its 3-year anniversary) surprises his audience with the new nontrivial topics on the issues that bother everyone.  

Take for example, ‘When it is okay to lie?’, ‘What would it be like to be a person with no senses?’ or ‘Could human-level intelligence have evolved underwater?’ Don’t say that you don’t want to click and read the articles, probably you’ve already done this.

Almost 400 K subscribers on Facebook, up to 100 K followers on Twitter, thousands of daily shares. likes and comments prove that he is a humor virtuoso. Just for you to know, even Elon Musk is among big fans of WBW.

humor as a marketing strategy

And wait, original texts is not the only thing that makes Tim’s blog so popular. Images are the key. They are so simple and wry as if a kid drew them in Paint program, but they are super clear and funny.  With ‘Wait but Why’ even the subscription to the newsletter would be a fun.


Maria Boyle and her ‘Twisteddoodles’

Maria is another great example of a person with good sense of humor whose funny visuals can make you laugh out loud and immediately share them with your friends. She is an Irish illustrator who became popular thanks to her talent to play with words and draw cartoon-like illustrations on culture, food, science, parenting, love, pets, and everything that surrounds us every day.

Viral doodles

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In her interview, Maria says she seeks inspiration and ideas in her everyday life: “Sometimes I draw cartoons about things that I think or do and there is a response of ‘Oh I do that too’ and it makes me feel a bit less alone but it can be hard to put these things out there. And I like making people laugh if I can draw something that makes me laugh and brightens someone’s day then that’s great. Who wouldn’t want that?”

Except the fact that Maria creates really great humorous content, she does it regularly. So, her audience doesn’t have to wait for a long time to get a portion of a good mood elixir.

How to make your audience smile

Sarah Cooper and her blog “Cooper Review

‘Funny because it’s true’ says the motto of Sarah’s blog. And yes, I must say it’s really funny because Sarah as anyone else knows how to appear smart in meetings, avoid any actual work or how to use math words to look smart, and other interesting tips which you can find on her blog.

Such ability to chose the unordinary topics about corporate life (and not only) earned Sarah, ex-Google writer, and comedian, 20+ K audience on Twitter and Facebook, and on average 100+ K views of a single article on her blog.

memes for content marketing

For example, the text ‘How to Say Goodbye to Your Coworkers’ has more that 200 K reads, as probably it’s an issue that concerns everyone, as we all change jobs and want to leave a good impression of us.

And here’s one more creative example from Sarah Cooper how you can softly invite people to subscribe to your mailing list:

Creative pop-ups

James Veitch and his war against spam emails

Who knows everything about scams and spam emails the best in the world? Definitely, it would be James Veitch, a British musician, comedian, director, writer and performer. I don’t know another person who can create so much fun content on this subject. The New York Times newspaper admitted he has “a wicked sense of humor” and to check this, just watch his latest Ted Talk – ‘The agony of trying to unsubscribe’.

James has his own show called Scamalot on Mashable where his videos get almost half a million views. Also, he curates a website where he shares his funny and bizarre conversations with email spammers, and regularly writes on different media platforms.

What can we learn from these examples so far? What can we borrow from their strategies to grow our audience?

There are three main element of viral content – positive feelings (such as joy, interest, anticipation, and trust), emotional complexity and the element of surprise. Humorous content is contagious and more likely to be liked and shared. According to the study, nearly 60% of unpleasant experiences are forgotten – but only 42% of the pleasant memories fade. So, if you want your articles, images, and video be extremely popular, remember – an emotional appeal is s key.

Some relevant tips for you to remember:

-First, choose specific niche, be as narrow as possible;
-Create content that reflects the everyday habits of your customer.
-Experiment with formats.
-Try to make annoying things less annoying (e.g. pop-ups) by adding some humor.

If you want to get more information on what makes content viral, you can this article.