10 Stories to Make You Believe in the Power of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a power to be reckoned with. As we live in a world where people are choosing to spend more time online with every passing day, promoting your business on the Internet has become a MUST.

But with so many tools available, developing your own strategy can be tricky.

Look to the market leaders for inspiration as analyzing their campaigns will allow you to see which methods are most effective. Just don’t forget that a good marketing strategy must be based on a combination of tools, such as social media promotion, email campaigns, etc.

Power of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Success Stories: Businesses That Do It Right

Amazon: The Most Popular Retailer There Is

Amazon is THE giant among online retailers. There are over 186 million unique monthly visitors on Amazon websites, and overall 44% of online shoppers worldwide start their search for products with this retailer.

Amazon’s digital marketing strategy is as comprehensive as can be. This business utilizes every tool to achieve maximum efficiency. One of the most successful Amazon innovations is their Rating&Review system. They were the first retailer to launch it, and since then they have made 2.7 billion (or more) plus each year. Another nifty trick they use is soliciting reviews for individual products, not the whole package you bought. This enables them to create more customized emails that catch the customer’s attention.

Beyond the Rack: Clever Email Campaigns

Beyond the Rack is a discount retailer that really understands email marketing. According to SimilarWeb, over 8% of their traffic comes from emails campaigns. Compare this to the average 3% for retailers of this type.

Beyond the Rack shows an apt understanding of their audience and fills their emails with top-quality content capable of drawing the attention of different customers. On average, they run about 65 email campaigns a month, which means at least 2 unique letters with interesting offers a day. All emails are optimized for mobile devices. The company also has a cart abandonment follow-up program which generates letters that encourage buyers to complete their purchase.

The New York Times Co.: Investing in Paid Advertising

The New York Times Co. online store offers a wide range of interesting products, and it’s doing so well, it’s in the Top 1000 Retailers list. This merchant understands the importance of investing in quality paid advertising. Last year, they spent about $1.3 million on it every month, which is almost 50 times more than an average retailer.

This investment pays off by generating almost 20% of the website’s traffic (24.8 million) in monthly visits. This is nowhere near close to Amazon, which spends $38 million on paid ads monthly. However, this example shows that for your paid ads to pay off big time, you need to invest in them regularly and generously.

Image source: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2016/02/get-ready-to-shareyourears-and-help-make-a-wish/
Image source: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2016/02/get-ready-to-shareyourears-and-help-make-a-wish/

Disney: Social Media Power for Good

People at Disney know how to use social media marketing to help their causes. Their latest campaign #ShareYourEars has gone viral, doubling the original expectations.

This campaign called out to social media users to share the images of Mickey Mouse Ears using a special hashtag. Each post unlocked a $5 donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation with the original cap at $1 million. However, the response to this campaign was so overwhelming that the Disney Parks and Resorts doubled its donation. It took less than 3 months (January 29-March 14) of #ShareYourEars running to achieve this result.

Social Media Power for Good

Xerox: Power of Humorous Video for Rebranding

Xerox used to be a renowned manufacturer of printing equipment, but today this company also offers a wide range of highly successful business services. This change called for a rebranding strategy.

The ‘Work Can Work Better’ campaign is based on short humorous videos that show how Xerox helps professionals in different areas to achieve better results. Every video is unique and has a note of fun. So far, the campaign has generated millions of views on YouTube and gained positive acknowledgment from Forbes, Digiday, and MediaPost.

Power of Humorous Video for Rebranding

Esurance: Timely Ads + Real-Time Marketing

Esurance launched an extremely successful #esurancesweepstakes campaign for Super Bowl. Instead of doing one big Super-ad, they went with short pre-ads that promised to share $1 million among 17 lucky winners. This resulted in Esurance being the most talked about brand on social media during Super Bowl Sunday.

They finished the campaign with another coup by going live when informing the winners. This shows an extremely clever and efficient use of real-time marketing.

Timely Ads and Real-Time Marketing

WestJet: Best Use of Social Media

WestJet Mini Miracles campaign is another great example of using social media and short videos to promote a brand. It even won the Shorty Award 2016 for the best use of social media. The campaign goal was to motivate WestJet employees to share videos of ‘miracles’ (acts of kindness).

This idea has gone viral and generated over 2 billion impressions in over 214 countries.

Pink Cake Box: Streamlining for Quality Traffic

Pink Cake Box is a small specialty cake shop that managed to create a highly successful blog that features recipes and helpful information. This generated lots of traffic, but soon people started to come for recipes more than for the actual cakes.

This is when the Pink Cake Box team demonstrated a great understanding of digital marketing subtleties and began streamlining its content. This reduced the flow of general traffic but increased the overall efficiency of the strategy.

BuzzFeed: Catering to Mobile Users

To be successful, your website has to be mobile-friendly. Today it’s a fact of life, but 3 years ago this wasn’t such a popular trend. BuzzFeed caught onto it early, which led them to triple the number of their visitors.

Their content targeting ‘Bored at Work’ and ‘Bored in Line’ audiences is still a hit.  Over 1/3 of their traffic comes from mobile devices.

Catering to Mobile Users

Uber: A Success Story in Itself

The Uber story started in 2008 and since that time, the service has proved to be a master of digital marketing.

It was the clever use of online promotion complemented with a great app that allowed Uber to grow into one of the most successful businesses of the 21st century. Look up to this business when designing your own business apps.

Use Digital Marketing to Power Up Your Business

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy CAN help you achieve business success. However, it’ll be effective only when you put your customers in the center of your strategy. Take your time to research the interests of your audience so that you can give them exactly what they want by using every available digital channel.

All in all, this is how you make your digital marketing campaign a success:

1.Use different tools to collect your customer’s’ opinions. By doing this you both make the people feel appreciated and get valuable data.

2.Invest in advertising through every channel available. The bigger the impact, the better the result for your business.

3.Launch social media campaigns that will let your customers participate (think Disney and their ‘post a photo of yourself wearing Mickey ears’) and/or appeal to their emotions (WestJet kindness campaign).

4.Adapt your content to be most appealing to your specific audience. Think about BuzzFeed targeting mobile users.

5.Combine different marketing tools to develop a strategy that will work for your particular business.


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