A long time ago in a galaxy, identical to our own, a secret system of input and output balance was discovered. Since then agencies throughout multiverse were constantly trying to find 20% of solutions that would bring 80% of results. We were daring enough to participate in the quest and after a long, hard search, our team got to discover the truth.

Now we would like to share the sacred knowledge about power of digital with the world.

Our Mission Our Mission

Digital is new efficient and it’s almost painful to watch how people underestimate its power and value in business. That’s why we decided to act instead of watching.

Having a great expertise in design and promotion, we gathered our forces to bring light to every corner of the digital world. We believe we can make global business space a better place by promoting businesses and ideas that really make a difference.

Online presence is a must nowadays; one cannot reach greatness by being locked out and available in the offline world only. And if selling your brand online is tough, you’ve just found the right place to get help.

Because efficiency is reached through focus; and focus is what we provide.

Here We Are Here We Are

Konstantin Kysel

Co-founder, Head of Tech

Konstantin is a product design and development expert. His recent focus was in the sphere of healthcare and complex enterprise solutions. Konstantin is well acquainted with wearables, virtual reality and Internet of Things technologies. He has a 10 years’ experience of work with governments, corporations, start-ups and creative agencies.

Nadia Mykhalevych

Head of Operations

Nadia has up to 4 years of experience in digital marketing. She's a co-founder of educational organization Center for Innovative Education 'Pro.Svit' that is #1 organization in the teachers' non-formal education in Ukraine. Also, Nadia is an independent blogger and writes on marketing, ed-tech innovations, social entrepreneurship, design etc.

Victoria Klochkova

Co-founder, Partner

Victoria has a strong expertise in marketing and entrepreneurship. Her engagement in digital marketing started back in 2010. She has also been responsible for B2B marketing in Google by the end of 2015. Before founding Focused, Victoria was running a digital PR agency, which inspired her to start helping businesses on a larger scale.

And many others…

We are ROI-focused! We are ROI-focused!


Our Magic

New Clients


You'll love to work with us! You'll love to work with us!

We appreciate your potential

No matter how big or small you are, we'll find the solutions that help achieve your goals and fit your budget.

We want to grow together

We consider your success to be our own success, that’s why we are interested in getting real results, not in just a heartless execution of what is to be done.

We think sustainably

We want our strategies and solutions to be smart and long-lasting. Of course, we'll bring you clients in the short-run, but we also consider our alliance to be a lifelong partnership.

We achieve a sky-high ROI

We promise to squeeze as much as possible from every dollar invested. We are ready to innovative, experiment and be ahead of all others.

Lets create something together Lets create something together

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